Many Paths begins


Welcome to the Many Paths meeting site.

Many Paths is an open AA meeting for anyone seeking recovery in a 12-step environment.

Everyone deserves recovery, regardless of faith or religion. This includes those with no religion or belief in God. No one has to conform to specific beliefs for meetings at Many Paths. All attendants are treated with respect.

There are no required prayers or chanting at our meetings.  Sharing of personal experience during meetings is encouraged, but no one has to share if uncomfortable. No one has to declare what addiction(s) brings them to this meeting.

Our goal is that you will be find hope in Many Paths – hope that addictive behaviors can be changed as you listen to others at Many Paths.

The weekly meeting is 10:30 to 11:30 am every Sunday morning in the Eagle Landing room of the Burien Community Center. Stop by the reception desk in the community center if you need directions.

Successive posts in will provide topics to be discussed at the weekly meetings.

Hope to see you at Many Paths soon!