Dr. Gabor Maté


One of the most interesting recent voices in addiction causes/treatment is a Vancouver, BC doctor — Dr. Gabor Maté.

Dr. Maté’s book In the Realm of the Hungry Ghosts details some of his experiences in the seamier downtown Portland Hotel, a large complex providing housing, health care, and other services to the indigent & others marginalized in our society. The book also thoroughly reviews many aspects of addiction, some scientifically complex.

Dr. Maté is one of the proponents of harm reduction in treating addicts. The Insite injection facility in Vancouver, though controversial with some, provides clean equipment for addicts to inject themselves in a safer environment than in back alleys with dirty needles/syringes.

A recent interview with Dr. Maté shows why he is both a compelling proponent yet controversial figure in addiction therapy. You can find that interview here in The Fix© website.

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